The Business Growth Project Exclusively For Black Entrepreneurs

The Business Growth Project is a 9 week accelerator for Black Entrepreneurs who want to test and refine their business ideas. 
Participants are provided the tools, techniques and technologies to take their business operations to the next level.

 For 9 Weeks, each person will work with a team to generate revenue, develop a micro-business plan and identify their proof of concept.

 Business Growth Project promotion rate of $377 is being offered for a limited time. 
Community Membership
Able to attend all Exclusive meetings and join membership site. Free or discounted rates to Exclusive events, conferences and seminars.
Promotion Rate Only $77 Regular Rate $177
Exclusive Membership
All benefits of Community Membership plus Business Growth Project Only.
Promotion Rate Only $277 Regular Rate $377
Premiere Membership
All benefits of Community Membership plus Business Growth Project. Advancement to MBA program, paid internship opportunities and ongoing business development. 47 Exclusive benefits. 
Promotion Rate Only $377 Regular Rate $877
A New Way to Create Your Business Plan
Black Wealth Exclusive is providing a platform for budding entrepreneurs to successfully sell their products and services. Our commitment is to help our members get more customers and clients so they can have access to the capital they need to grow and sustain their business.
Our business consulting and coaching methodology is the foundation for our revolutionary framework. Through our systems and support structures members gain exclusive access to the business intelligence and data analytics needed for their businesses to grow holistically, organically and profitably.

“Come in With an Idea, Leave With a Business Plan.”
  •  Advanced Sales Training: Experiential sales training will be provided. Participants will learn discovery & diagnostic sales and the importance of refraining from manipulative sales tactics. This state of the art training will be based on cutting-edge techniques to produce high conversion rates with little to no resistance.
  •  Marketing Ecosystems: Interactive core presentation & assignment emphasizing the essentiality of marketing circuits for business growth. Marketing is circular - not linear. Marketing funnel myth will be analyzed and exposed.
  •  Collaboration & Competition: Leadership development & project management through gamification. All members will be organized into a task force. Each participant will compete for working capital by distinguishing themselves as the team member most willing to collaborate and align team interests with personal business agenda.
  • Innovative Product Development: Enhancement of product and service offerings through our guided ideation process.   
  •  Micro Business Plan & Road-map: All attendees will work on template to produce a five (5) page business plan consisting of three (3) core business plan elements based on revenue generation strategies. After 9 weeks, all attendees will have created a micro-operational business plan outlining concrete action steps for strategic growth. This tool will serve as a guide to operate business, increase sales and facilitate access to investors.   
Business Growth Accelerator 
Business Growth Accelerator Features :
  •  Accountability structures: individual and team exercises. 
  •  Revenue related business assignments.
  •  Video-recorded sessions and interviews for commercial documentary.
  • Opportunities for investment capital as well as macro and micro loans.   
  •  Membership site access: Exclusive use of proprietary tools & case studies.
  • Cross-referral & promotion of member businesses.   
  •  Meeting with venture capitalists, angel investors and talent acquisition [HR] executives.
  •  Paid Internship 
 Business Growth Project promotion rate of only $377 is being offered for a limited time. 
Only 18 Slots Available.
 The Business Growth Project is based on cybernetic, ontological and psycho-graphic principles.
 Participants will learn new marketing and sales techniques to achieve desired business outcomes.
Samuel O. Alarape
Samuel O. Alarape is a producer of the groundbreaking and highly successful 7 A.M. documentary – which focuses on the need for more black businesses and the building of a black economy. Mr. Alarape was the Chief Organizer and Host for the Historic Black Empowerment 1 Convention, which took place in Chicago, Illinois on August 1, 2015. At this conference, Samuel Alarape moderated a 3 hour panel discussion with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Claude Anderson and Dr. Dennis Kimbro. 
Let's make our ancestors proud - build and resurrect a BLACK WALL STREET because "people who run businesses run the WORLD".
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